New Homes

Build an all-electric new home, install a TALO water heater device and earn a $340 one-time cash incentive. In order to qualify for the energy right® New Homes cash incentive, customers shall permit BrightRidge to install a TALO water heater device on at least one water heater in the home (same location/account number as is program participation). For more information, contact Energy Services and Marketing at 952-5142 or by email.

Building your new home to energy right® prescriptive standards offers many benefits.

  1. Reduced heating & cooling bills.
  2. Enhanced home value.
  3. Free final inspection.
  4. Receive incentive dollars.
  5. Safe electric power.
  6. New energy right® homes built with energy efficiency in mind may qualify for special financing. (Check with your local bank about an Energy Efficient Mortgage.)

energy right® Building Schedule

  • R-38 insulation in attic
  • R-13 in walls
  • R-19 in floors or perimeter edge has insulated slab
  • Insulated doors
  • Double-pane windows
  • High-efficiency heat pump
  • Minimum R-6 insulated and tightly sealed Duct System
  • No more than 8-10% glass area

TVA Prescriptive Standards

1-2-3 Build energy right®

Building energy right® is as easy as "1 - 2 - 3."

  1. Homebuilders must follow the energy right® prescriptive standards.
  2. Home must be built all electric, with the exception of gas logs.
  3. A member of our Quality Contractor Network (QCN) must install the electric heat pump.

Consider ENERGY STAR appliances for your new home.

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