Heat Pumps & eScore

Heat PumpThe recommended method of heating and cooling for our climate is an electric heat pump. A properly installed electric heat pump will give you and your family the benefit of cost-savings comfort for many years. Through our eScore-Heat Pump Program, we offer loans to qualified applicants. Max and min financing amounts for qualified applicants are $2,500 and $15,000 (effective July 1, 2015), respectively. The interest rate is a fixed rate, with a payback period of ten years. Customers may pay off the loan at any time with no penalty. Customers must select a member from our Quality Contractor Network (QCN) list to install their unit(s) and must participate in BrightRidge’s TALO – Water Heater Program in order to qualify for eScore Heat Pump Program benefits.

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Program Requirements

  • Customers must choose a heat pump contractor from our Quality Contractor Network (QCN) list.
  • The name on the deed and electric account must be the same.
  • Customer fees: UCC-1 ($45) and eScore ($75).
  • Customers must allow BrightRidge to install TALO - Water Heater Device.
  • Customers must participate in the eScore Program.

Application Process

  1. Call BrightRidge's Marketing Department at 952-5142 or email to schedule an appointment to complete the application forms or to receive an information packet by mail.
  2. Each customer will receive an information packet, which includes a list of the eScore Quality Contractor Network (QCN) Members, as well as copies of their paperwork. All applicants must choose a QCN Member to be eligible for financing and shall participate in BrightRidge’s TALO – Water Heater Program. It is recommended that customers obtain approximately three estimates from QCN Members; however, this is not required.
  3. The application forms take approximately ten minutes to complete, and a non-refundable UCC-1 fee ($45) and eScore fee ($75.00) will be added to the customer’s energy bill.
  4. BrightRidge will contact the customer within twenty-four hours to let them know whether or not they have been approved for credit. The customer may then select the QCN member of their choice.
  5. After you receive your loan approval number, please go online to www.2eScore.com and complete the eScore profile. This must be completed prior to the final heat pump/eScore inspection. Once you complete the eScore profile, be sure to select "request evaluation" to complete the process.
  6. After the unit has been installed, the QCN Member contacts BrightRidge to schedule a heat pump inspection and eScore evaluation. The final heat pump inspection ensures that the individual's unit has been installed to standards, and the eScore evaluation is a review of the entire home to ensure maximum energy efficiency. In addition, BrightRidge staff will schedule a time to install the TALO device on the customer’s water heater. You should allow one to two hours to complete these items.
  7. A BrightRidge representative will contact the homeowner to schedule a time for a BrightRidge service member to install the TALO device on the water heater(s). The average time to install this device is about 30 minutes. Once the device has been installed, customers will receive a one-time $40 credit (per TALO device installed) on their monthly energy bill (allow 4 – 6 weeks). In addition, customers may take advantage of the FREE thermostat and element water heater maintenance/replacement for any water heater by which the TALO device is installed provided replacement parts are readily available. *Some exclusions may apply.

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