Green Power

Green Power is an earth-friendly, renewable source of electric energy. Green Power is electricity that is produced or generated by wind power, methane gas or solar power. Residential customers may purchase Green Power in 150 kilowatt hour blocks for $4 per month. To sign-up for Green Power contact a BrightRidge representative at 952-5142 or click HERE to complete the Green Power form.

Green Power Form

Green Power SwitchCommercial and industrial customers are asked to purchase a minimum number of Green Power Switch blocks based on the size of their total electric load. Blocks for business customers are still 150 kilowatt-hours and are priced at $4 each. The information below indicates the minimum number of blocks for the major business customer groups.

  • GSA-1 customers (<50 kW) 5 block minimum; $20 per month
  • GSA-2 customers (51 - 1000 kW) 25 blocks or 5% of their bill (the higher of); $100 per month
  • GSA-3 customers (1001 - 5000 kW) 250 blocks; $1000 per month
  • GSB, GSC, and GSD customers (>5000 kW) 375 blocks; $1500 per month