Energy Audits

eScore Home Evaluation

eScoreThe eScore program is a more in-depth evaluation than the energy right® online Home Survey. eScore is a residential energy efficiency program that provides homeowners a clear path to make their home a 10 – its most energy efficient. Qualifying participants may even receive cash incentives or financing assistance for installing certain home energy improvements. This is our way of encouraging and rewarding you to become more energy efficient—saving you money and saving our region’s energy. We’d like everyone to receive an eScore of 10!

The eScore home evaluation includes a thorough home energy inspection by one of our certified energy advisors. Through eScore you may receive instant cash incentives through installations and expert recommendations. The upgrade opportunities are within these 10 major categories:

In order to qualify for the eScore program incentives, customers shall permit BrightRidge to install a TALO device on at least one water heater in the home, follow BrightRidge’s pre and post inspection process, and utilize contractors from our Quality Contractor Network (QCN) list.

Instructions to Participate

Step 1: Homeowner registers online or over the phone.

Register on-line: or Register by phone: 423-952-5142

Step 2: A certified energy advisor team from BrightRidge conducts a pre-evaluation.

*Pre-evaluation must be done prior to any work being completed by a QCN member, with the exception of emergency heat pump installs provided the heat pump loan paperwork is completed prior to installation.

A BrightRidge representative will contact the homeowner via the contact information provided at the time of registration to schedule the pre-evaluation. Once the eScore evaluation has been scheduled, a $75 non-refundable evaluation fee will be added to the customer’s energy bill. Prior to performing the evaluation, the energy advisor will ask the customer to sign the eScore and TALO agreements to participate. The inspector will evaluate the home and prepare the customer’s eScore report.

Step 3: Receive your eScore home evaluation.

Following the evaluation, the BrightRidge energy advisor will review the customized list of upgrades and available incentives with the customer. The evaluation and customer review should take between one to two hours for the average home.

The eScore evaluation includes a detailed report:

  • An eScore card, which ranks the home from 1 to 10 (10 being the best, most energy efficient)
  • A customized list of recommended energy efficiency upgrades that can be made over time to help a home become a 10
  • A list of incentives for all qualified energy efficiency upgrades
  • Photos of the areas evaluated
  • Instant saving measures (CFLs and low-flow shower heads)

Step 4: Appointment scheduled to install TALO water heater device.

A BrightRidge representative will contact the homeowner to schedule a time for a BrightRidge service crew member to install the TALO device on the water heater(s). The average time to install this device is about 30 minutes. Once the device has been installed, customers will receive a $40 credit on their monthly energy bill (allow 4 – 6 weeks for credit). In addition, customers may take advantage of the FREE thermostat and element water heater maintenance/replacement for any water heater by which the TALO device is installed provided replacement parts are readily available and the device remains installed on the water heater. *Some exclusions may apply.

Step 5: Customer implements energy upgrades according to the eScore evaluation.

*In order to qualify for the incentives and financing, customers must select contractors from our QCN list. Post-evaluations may periodically follow for quality assurance.

*Customers installing a new heat pump via the eScore program must visit the BrightRidge offices per a scheduled appointment to complete loan paperwork PRIOR to any heat pump installs. Customers will not be eligible for financing if the loan application has not been submitted prior to the heat pump being installed.

Step 6: Congratulations! You score a 10!

A post-evaluation will be scheduled and performed by one of our energy advisors, and the homeowner will receive any cash incentives for qualifying upgrades (allow 4-6 weeks for incentive check). Homeowners will also receive the assurance that their home is as energy efficient as possible.

Customer Benefits

The eScore Program provides homeowners with energy efficiency benefits that save money.

eScore Benefits:

  • Expert advice and instruction by one of our certified energy advisors
  • Lower energy bills
  • Increased comfort
  • Cash incentives and/or financing for qualifying upgrades
  • Up to 12 CFLs
  • Up to two low-flow shower heads

Additional customer program benefits via the TALO program:

  • $40 incentive for each TALO device installed (one-time credit on bill)
  • Free water heater element replacement
  • Free water heater thermostat replacement

*Some exclusions may apply.

Meet Our Certified Energy Advisors

Energy AdvisorsBrightRidge has five certified energy advisors for the eScore program. They are (from left to right, beginning at bottom): Marietta Chatman, Keith Hoffman, Angela Shrewsbury (middle), Patrick Phipps and Josh Cole. All home evaluations are scheduled in advance thru our Energy Services & Marketing Department. For your safety we encourage you to verify our advisors by asking to view their BrightRidge company identification before allowing them to enter your home. Also, our employees may be identified by logo apparel and they will arrive in a BrightRidge vehicle. Report any imposters to the police and BrightRidge.