Bank Draft

Make paying your monthly energy bill simple with bank draft! With bank draft you can enjoy the following benefits:

  1. Convenience of no check writing for monthly energy bills.
  2. Never have to worry about paying late fees.
  3. Your account will be drafted on the due date printed on the invoice.
  4. Bank draft is a great convenience for people who frequently travel and those with busy lifestyles.

Bank Draft Application Process

  1. Complete bank draft application form or sign up via SmartHub.
  2. Mail or fax application and voided check to following address:

    ATTN: Accounting Services/Bank draft
    PO Box 1636
    Johnson City, TN 37605-1636

    Fax: 423-952-5130

  3. Once the customer receives bank draft notification on their bill, the amount due for that particular billing period will be drafted per the date at the bottom of the bill.

Please note this entire application process takes approximately four weeks for final approval.

Bank Draft Application Form