Budget Billing Application


  • Enrollment for Budget Plans is April 1st thru May 31st.
  • A zero balance on your account is required before the application will be processed.
  • A twelve month account history is used to determine budget requirements.
  • Monthly payments must be paid by the due date each month.
  • Bank Drafted accounts are debited the full amount owed upon settle-up in June or July. (Fixed Only)
  • If a refund applies, a credit will be issued to customer’s BrightRidge account
    (Refund checks are available upon request during settle-up period)

There is a printable version of this form available. Printable Budget Billing Application

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Residency Requirements:
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Budget Options:
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Option 1: Rolling Budget Plan
There is no settle-up month with Rolling Budget and amounts may vary slightly from month to month. Please note a twelve month minimum of account history at the location is required.

Option 2: Fixed Budget Plan
The settle-up month for the Fixed Budget Plan will occur annually during June or July. Budget amounts will be re-evaluated upon settling-up.

Terms of Service:

By submitting this form, I am in complete understanding of the Details of this agreement. Upon notification, I understand this agreement may be cancelled by the BrightRidge or myself at any time (proper identification is required). I agree to pay the budget amount on or before the due date each billing period. If I fail to comply with this requirement, I understand my account will no longer qualify for Budget Plans and all unpaid balance will become due at that time.

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