Heat Pumps

The recommended method of heating and cooling for our climate is an electric heat pump. An electric heat pump that's installed correctly will give you and your family the benefit of cost-savings comfort for many years. Through our Heat Pump Program, we offer loans to qualified applicants, add the loan payments to your monthly energy bill, and provide for you to have a FREE final heat pump inspection to help ensure a quality installation.

Heat PumpTotal FINANCING is $10,000, which covers installation of the heat pump system, as well as bringing attic and floor insulation up to standards. A total of $12,500 is available for individuals installing two units or a specialty heat pump. The interest rate is a fixed rate, with a payback period of ten years. Customers may pay the loan off at any time with no penalty. Loan payments are added to customers' monthly energy bills; therefore, individuals only receive one bill for two services. Finally, customers must select a member from our Quality Contractor Network (QCN) list to install their

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Application Process

  1. Call JCPB's Marketing Department at 952-5142 or email to schedule an appointment to complete the application forms or to receive an information packet by mail.
  2. Each customer will receive an information packet, which includes a list of the Quality Contractor Network (QCN) Members, as well as copies of their paperwork. All applicants must choose a QCN Member to be eligible for financing. It is recommended that customers obtain approximately three estimates from QCN Members; however, this is not required.
  3. The application forms take approximately ten minutes to complete, and an application fee of $50.00 is paid when the forms are submitted for approval.
  4. JCPB will contact the customer within two to three working days to let them know whether or not they have been approved for credit. The customer may then select the QCN member of their choice.
  5. After the unit has been installed, the QCN Member contacts JCPB to schedule an inspection. The final inspection ensures that the individual's unit has been installed to standards.