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A Johnson City Power Board (JCPB) customer has reported receiving a phone call from someone posing as a JCPB employee. The customer stated this unknown caller represented themselves as “the utility” and they were calling about abnormally high electricity usage at the customer’s home. The customer was instructed by the unknown caller to turn off all their lighting and go to the basement until utility employees had evaluated the usage situation. Further, this unknown caller had apparently faked
(spoofed) the caller ID to reflect that the call was coming from JCPB.  Fortunately, the customer called JCPB to verify if this call was really from a JCPB employee.

JCPB cautions its customers to be wary of any calls from parties claiming to represent the utility. If there is ever any question as to the true identity of a JCPB representative, concerned customers should ask for the representative’s name, department, and phone number before hanging up and contact JCPB customer service at (423) 952-JCPB (5272) to confirm the representatives identity and the validity of their requests.